How To Strike Up a Sexting Conversation

There is no one right or wrong way to start sexting with someone. We are all different, and what works for you may not work for your sexting buddy. But even though we all like different things, there are phrases and sentences to know that can come in handy. Certain things to say are considered pretty cool by most people. There are great lines you can use with someone to capture their attention, and if you want to learn them, keep reading!

Before you send any sexts, you have to try any dedicated site like for it. Ask for permission. Only send sexts to those that want them. Sexting is very healthy, but many people are too shy, or afraid something bad might come out of it. Because of these fears and things that make them feel uncomfortable, they don’t do it. So, let’s hear some cool lines, but please use them wisely! And by wisely, I mean only with consenting sexting partners.

Start Sexting with Something Funny, Creative, and Sexy

One of the coolest lines is telling your sexting partner you had a sexy dream about them. And right after it, invite them to come over so that you can act it out together. With this text, send a sexy photo of yourself, but you don’t have to send nudes right off the bat. Start with photos in underwear, maybe even clothed, but reveal some of your skin. Save juicier stuff for later. That way, you can create pleasant sexual tension and spice things up. 

Another funny and creative line is telling them you have just got out of the shower. Now they can help you get dirty again! Maybe by sending you a steamy pic? You can also tell them you have honed your stripping, oral sex, or any sex act skill to perfection recently, and now you want to show them. Or, another variation is that you mention you would like to hone your sex skills to perfection and ask them to practice on them.  

If you are a lady, and let’s say you have just bought a dress, here is an idea! You can send a photo of yourself in that dress. When you send it, you can ask your sexting mate if he or she would like to see you without it too. Or, you can be even more confident! Say: This is my new dress, but I think you will be happier to see me without it. It doesn’t have to be a dress and you can change the phrase by adding something on your own. 

Get Even Racier

Saying that you have been horny all day, and they can now finish you off with their nudes or sexy content is also a great line. And do you want to be even racier? Tell them the only thing you are going to eat for dinner tonight is them. You can also express how much you like their body. A great way to do so is by saying you want to worship them tonight. This always works, especially with women. They like men who are ready to worship them and express these thoughts confidently. 

You can even use a more explicit language, and point out how horny they make you. And here is another funny suggestion! Tell them that together, you can give your neighbors a show tonight. As the sexting progresses, you will see if that person likes more or less explicit language, and you can later add dirty words. Use the words that turn us on most of the time. Pussy, dick, fuck, blowjob, titty sex, and the list goes on. If you want to practice your sexting skills, you can always try it with cam girls! They are perfect because they will not say no, and you can even explain to them that you just want to become a better sexter. 

So, What Is the Most Important Thing Here?

The first sexts should always be funnier, and less dirty. This is a good idea because everyone is okay with humor, but not everyone is ready to get dirty right away. And later, when you see your person is hooked, they like you and want this to continue, you can add more risqué content and a dirtier language. Everyone likes funny and creative lines, and they will make you irresistible. You will sound witty, sexy, and like you are so much fun! Later feel free to go wild!

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