Dating a cam girl

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Dating a cam girl

If you are lucky enough to be in a position to even be considering the possibility of dating a cam girl, you are probably doing something right in your life.

Dating a cam girl is ultimately like dating any other girl. Sometimes it’s going to be easier than others. But, it can’t be denied that dating a cam girl does have its own particular challenges, and some added benefits as well! Read on for our full guide on dating a cam girl, whether you should do it, what to expect, and what you can do to make the experience great.

Dating a cam girl

Dating a cam girl: Advantages

Let’s start with the positives. Dating a cam girl means dating a woman who has confidence in her body and appearance (which is incredibly sexy in itself). Being with a woman who is secure in herself is likely to mean that you face less jealousy from her and also that you are able to enjoy her confident persona.

She’s also likely to be financially independent and not reliant on you to buy things for her or to look after her. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat her to some nice things if you are able to, and maybe she will treat you to nice things too.

One of the most obvious advantages to dating a cam girl is of course that she is likely to be more open sexually. This means you are likely able to talk to her about your sexual fantasies more openly than if you were with a woman who had never worked in the sex industry. Let’s face it, a cam girl has probably heard it all before, so is unlikely to be shocked if you open up about your own sexual tastes.

Dating a cam girl: Disadvantages

Seriously, if a cam girl is interested in dating you, you should probably just count your lucky stars and jump to it. But, if you really want to know, there can be some disadvantages to dating a cam girl.

Firstly, you might feel uncomfortable telling your friends and family about what your cam girl girlfriend does for a living. Unfortunately, we still live in a society which largely views sex work as taboo. You may decide to hide her profession from others, but there is always a risk they will see her online. Also, your girlfriend may then feel that you are ‘ashamed’ of her because of her profession. This is a difficult area to navigate, so be prepared to have open conversations with your partner and work out the best way to approach others together.

You may also find that you can become jealous of the attention she pays other guys during her work. Remember, camming is essentially a customer service role. Just like working as a waitress or behind a reception desk, a cam girl is going to be expected to be personable and happy around her clients. It is key to be able to separate her as a person from how she is at work. We all act differently around our clients and colleagues than we do around our loved ones. In fact, you can make this in to a turn on. Think about how many guys would love to be with your girlfriend, and how enviable a position you are in.

Dating a cam girl: Tips to make it great

Separate the cam girl fantasy from the real woman. It’s important to understand that her cam girl persona is not the ‘real’ person that you are dating. If your girlfriend works as a cam girl then she likely gets treated as a sex object for a large part of her day. Don’t be the guy that assumes you can treat her that way outside of her work. In fact, she is probably going to feel less sexy the rest of the time than she would if she had a different job. She may have sore lady parts, or just be sick of talking about sex.

If you wore a shirt and tie every day for work, you probably wouldn’t want to wear the same thing on your day off right? This is even more true for high heels (which aren’t the most comfortable things to wear all day, every day) and uncomfortable sexy outfits. Most cam girls spend a lot of time on their make-up, hair and outfits when getting ready for cam. The likelihood is, they probably aren’t going to want to wear that sort of stuff off cam as much as they would if they didn’t HAVE to wear it on cam. If your cam girl girlfriend doesn’t feel like wearing sexy outfits and a full face of makeup on her days off, that’s not really surprising and you shouldn’t take it that she doesn’t think of you as important. She’s just fed up of the shirt and tie.

Don’t pressurise her to let you join her on cam. She understands the needs of her viewers and may be concerned that showing herself with a man may damage her ability to earn a good income. From your point of view, actually performing on cam with her would almost certainly be disappointing anyway. You have to start and stop ‘performing’ regularly, and neither of you will enjoy performing for someone else in the same way you would enjoy doing things for each other. Being directed isn’t much fun!

It’s also vital that you are able to view her work as a ‘job’ and understand her need to work certain hours. Even if she is able to work from home, she does still need to work. So, don’t assume she can just take the night off or hang out with you instead. She has a work rota just like everyone else.

Dating a cam girl: summary

Ultimately any relationship needs mutual respect. If you can’t respect her because of her job, then  you shouldn’t date a camgirl. However, if you are open minded enough to look past the taboo element of her job, dating a cam girl will mean dating a confident, independent and sexy woman with all the joys and benefits that brings.